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Central Wordpress theme is simply solution to customize your website. Its clean, simply and very powerful tool for organizing your blog or others categories of websites.. You may change some design elements from Admin UI, like: background of page, header text-color, header background-image. Copyrights for Resources used in this theme.
  1. In Central Theme used 2 External fonts from Google Webfonts:
- Open Sans which are under Apache License Version 2.0 - Source Code Pro which are under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.
  1. In Central Theme used js-files from "/js" Folder:
- html5.js which are under under MIT and GPL2 Licenses Version 2 - jquery.shadow.js which are under MIT and GPL licenses Version 2 - which are under the Apache License Version 2.0 and GPL Version 2.
  1. Everything else used in this theme has been created by the Bestwebsoft team,
especially for Central theme and is distributed under GPL license.

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  1. Can I remove the widget off of a page I’m to put up a shop and its creating a problem with the format

    • Hi Reginald,

      The standard set of widgets will be changed if you add at least one widget on the settings page. Unfortunately, the only way to remove widget is to comment out the line calling it in the code of the theme’s files – get_sidebar(); should be changed for /*get_sidebar();*/