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Looking for a balanced yet highly flexible theme for your website? If so, let us introduce a breathtaking solution! Kingdom is a unique theme that can easily bring your website to perfection. Neat, dainty and extremely easy to use, this theme will truly make your website stand out. Also, you can rest assured that your site's purpose will not be overshadowed by the abundance of little details - with Kingdom, you receive a simplistic, yet utterly functional wrap for your ideas. Although there is no limit to the fields this theme can be applied to, we believe it is best suited for Construction, Daily news, Cultural overviews, Fashion magazines, Sports reviews, Distribution sevices, Storage services, Network companies, Travel agencies, Workshops, Travel advice, Travel reviews.


* Russian (ru_RU)

Copyrights for resources used in this theme

* 2 External fonts from Google Webfonts are used in Kingdom Theme:

1. Open Sans font can be found: Apache License v2.00 Copyright 2013, Steve Matteson 2. Cuprum font can be found: SIL Open Font License, 1.1 Copyright 2014, Jovanny Lemonad

* images located in 'images' folder were created by BestWebSoft team and they are licensed under the GPL.

* The following js-files are used in the Progression Theme:

1. jquery.formstyler.min.js in the "js" folder License: MIT License. (c) Dimox | 2. 'html5.js' file: HTML5 Shiv v3.6 | @afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem | MIT/GPL2 Licensed Source: 3. other js-files in the "js" folder License: GNU General Public License v2 or later Copyright: the Bestwebsoft team, Kingdom incorporates code from Twenty Twelve Theme by WordPress team, Copyright 2012 WordPress, released under GPL. Everything else used in this theme has been created by BestWebSoft, especially for the Phat theme and is distributed under GPL license.

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