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Reposter is a journalist theme designed to take massive amounts of content and present it to the reader in a clear and structured manner. It has a typographical hierarchy, strict grid and a clean layout that gives each element just enough room to breath. Reposter includes everything you need to bring your webblog online. This Theme is very easy to use and doesn't let anything get in the way of its functional and structured layout. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your new journalist blog IT review or event information, then Reposter is the theme for you.


* Display: Slider with user-friendly interface, easy set-up, beautiful effects.

* Display: Two column content, left sidebar.

* Display: Nice design.

* Display: Comfortable navigation-menu.


* Russian(ru_RU)

Copyrights for resources used in this theme

* Resource name:

License: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); Copyright: Copyright 2010 Jason Johnston

* Resource name:

License: Distributed under the terms MIT licence Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 WooThemes,, resource was customized for the Reposter theme

* The theme uses three external fonts. Below is license information for these fonts:

- 'Open sans' font: Apache License v2.00 This license can also be found at this permalink: Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004 - 'Cuprum' font: SIL Open Font License, 1.1 This license can also be found at this permalink: - 'Oswald' font: SIL Open Font License v1.10 This license can also be found at this permalink: Copyright (c) 2012, Vernon Adams (

* Images located in 'images' folder are created by BestWebSoft team and they are licensed under the GPL.

Everything else used in this theme has been created by BestWebSoft, especially for Reposter theme and is distributed under GPL license.

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  1. please provide to user and pwd to download the themes. tks

    • Hi Armando,

      user bws
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