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Tag: captcha and recaptcha


Everyone knows that CAPTCHA is a system testing whether the user is human or not. It is a popular tool since it prevents spam attacks and protects websites from bots.

If you search for CAPTCHA on the web, the results will be divided between resources offering you “Captcha” and “reCaptcha”. What is the difference? What to choose?

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Anti-spam protection is one of the priority targets for the website owners who don’t want to get thousands of Emails and viral links which are just a pile of information garbage. Spambots are the main spreaders of spam and their primary goal is to abuse as many websites as they can reach. You can stop spam spreading at the initial stage if you will add a CAPTCHA plugin that uses a simple test that won’t cause any problem for a human, but will be pretty difficult for the malicious software. Read More…

Spam…You probably hate this word, don’t you? If you are a website owner or a blogger you likely have some kind of web forms, and if you do, you know not by hearsay how terrible and annoying spam is. It is a big problem when spammers try to make use of your web forms for their unkind purposes, so the first thing you have to think about is how to prevent a spam spreading and do it in such way that won’t complicate forms filling for your visitors. Read More…