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Tag: optimization

If you are a blogger and want your creative activity to bring not only pleasure but also money and turn your hobby into a business, AdSense can easily help you with this. Millions of advertisers compete for the right to post their ads on your blog. The result is high revenue, corresponding advertising and good fill ability of ad slots. This article contains brief information on what is AdSense and why it is needed, what exactly it can give to your blog, how it can help you to optimize your work, save your time, and generate income. Now let’s consider all these issues in more detail.
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How to speed up your WordPress site?

WordPress is a popular free platform that allows creating websites, blogs, online stores and so on. Site promotion is a very important aspect in a clients’ attraction (especially in eCommerce) and one of the key factors that can raise site’s rank is a high load speed and good general performance. Long waiting makes customers leave before the page is loaded, so if you want to succeed in your project you have to think about the performance improvement. Read More…