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Tag: security


Wondering how to grow your WordPress website, without spending tons of cash? A good plugin has what it takes to help you build a successful business online. The WordPress plugin directory is stuffed with over 55.000+ plugins.

To help you go through this post, we have summarized the most downloads of plugins in the past 2019. And as well, they are the top must-have WordPress plugin.

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Spam…You probably hate this word, don’t you? If you are a website owner or a blogger you likely have some kind of web forms, and if you do, you know not by hearsay how terrible and annoying spam is. It is a big problem when spammers try to make use of your web forms for their unkind purposes, so the first thing you have to think about is how to prevent a spam spreading and do it in such way that won’t complicate forms filling for your visitors. Read More…


You can find a lot of articles with a list of tips on how to protect your WordPress website from hacking. But for ease of reading and use, we decided to write this article, which will serve as your guide to WordPress safe operation. It provides a list of tips on how to secure your website, and account on WordPress from hacking and troublesome brute force attacks.

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