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Tag: web development

Traditions are very important to our team. Hard work and attention to detail are the main things that bound us. But not only that is significant – determinate days are.  Every year brings us the days we are waiting for so long.

As the fall season is gone, the leaves have fallen from the trees – either do the prices.

The main event of the autumn-gone season for us is an opportunity to please you with the best offers and we are going to do so. And we do!

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In 2019, developers can choose from a wide range of well-known or almost unknown programming languages to complete a huge variety of tasks in web and desktop development; data analysis and visualization; computer graphics and games; face and object detection; artificial intelligence, and more. It’s almost impossible to decide which programming language is the “best” – each of them has its own certain purposes and areas of use. Read More…

The creation of a website is connected to many important aspects, and in the first place comes the choice of the appropriate hosting. Simply put, it is a “rented” space for a website on the internet where you store your site’s server code, HTML, CSS and so on. There are many hosts that offer unique features and conditions and your task is to decide which one will be the most efficient and productive for your project. Read More…