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In 2019, developers can choose from a wide range of well-known or almost unknown programming languages to complete a huge variety of tasks in web and desktop development; data analysis and visualization; computer graphics and games; face and object detection; artificial intelligence, and more. It’s almost impossible to decide which programming language is the “best” – each of them has its own certain purposes and areas of use. Read More…

Learn about who a programmer is and what hard & soft skills a programmer needs to possess.

There is a number of classifications of programmers, both simple and complicated. They can be either focused on some particular aspect of activity (e.g. technical skills) or complex ones. We will familiarize ourselves with the classification of programmers with a view to their business value:

  • junior – knows that there is something to be done;
  • middle – knows how something can be done;
  • senior – knows how something must be done.

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What makes the blog interesting? Of course, the content does! We suppose that no one will appreciate a plain wall of text, so we need to dilute the actual informational content. We may use some suitable light images to highlight the emphasis on a specific thesis or just make it easier to read. The same deal is with images that display infographics like pie charts, graphs, statistics visualization.

Unfortunately, in some cases, images on your WordPress website may just break down. Read More…