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Soo… You’ve installed WordPress. What is next?

If you decided to run your own site, but you don’t have any skills in this area yet, this article will help you to make the next step.

WordPress plugins are great tools for expanding site functionality. Of course, there are a lot of them, and the choice also depends on your niche.

This Top contains plugins required for EVERY website regardless of its activity:

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You can find a lot of articles with a list of tips on how to protect your WordPress website from hacking. But for ease of reading and use, we decided to write this article, which will serve as your guide to WordPress safe operation. It provides a list of tips on how to secure your website, and account on WordPress from hacking and troublesome brute force attacks.

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Top WordPress Errors and Solutionss

WordPress is the commonly used open source tool for website development. Among other types of freedoms, it provides freedom to create a website without any license fee. As a result, it has more users than most of the commercial platforms.

WordPress is an easy to use platform, but some common errors occur while one uses it. These are some common errors which can be easily resolved. In this article we have discussed the most common errors and their solutions in WordPress.

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