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Let’s look at the question, why does a perfectly tuned system sometimes fail? Everything is under the control, everything under the scrutiny of the hosting services, figured out, forgot nothing, but opening the site it’s loaded longer than should be. 

In 2015 was conducted research, the results showed that over the past few years, people have stopped focusing on anything for longer than 7 seconds. Although the previous figure was 12 seconds. Could we not to pay attention to the delay in page loading in some 2 seconds? Studies show that even a delay of 1 second leads low the conversions, low the page views, and low customer satisfaction.

How do you think the best is the enemy of the good? Let’s try to remove the reasons that could make your site slow response time, one by one.

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In the recent times, the upsurge of the internet, as well as the related networking facilities, is noticeable, and many people try their best to ensure that their business and marketing are powered by the internet so that they can reach out on an international level. There are many reasons why the internet is becoming an indispensable part of our lives in the recent times, and the best way to ensure that it is judiciously used would be to master the different uses to which you can put the internet. Read More…