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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if this plugin allows you to only display 1 thumbnail and once clicked on opens that gallery directly into a lightbox, rather then a completely separate page?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Dear Erin,

      Unfortunately, this functionality is not available. However, you can request a paid customization if you want and provide all the necessary details on our support forum http://support.bestwebsoft.com/.


  2. I am interested in having the thumbnails being set as “Hard Crop”, i don’t like how when i set dimensions on the thumbnail sizing box, it stretches the images. Any way that feature is available?

    • Hi David,

      If you are referring to the stretching of the thumbnails of the images that have already been uploaded, please do the following:

      On the Plugin settings page (Dashboard->BWS Plugins->Gallery), there is an “Update images” button at the top of the page. After you change thumbnail size, you need to press this button to form a thumbnail of a new size. Otherwise, WordPress attempts to use thumbnails that already exist, which are closest in size to the new parameters.

      In case it is the crop position itself you do not like – there is a possibility to change it in the Pro plugin version (http://bestwebsoft.com/plugin/gallery-pro/).


  3. Silvan Spycher said:

    I’d like to put thumbnails of different galleries next to each other instead of a list with only one per row. Is that possible? you can view it on the following website: http://wp12026896.server-he.de/wordpress/fotos/

    Thanks for your help

    • Dear Silvan,

      Please add the following lines to your theme’s style.css file:

      .gallery_box {
      float: left;

      Please note that in this case you will have two thumbnails of different galleries in one line. However, if you change the size of album thumbnails on the Plugin settings page (adjust the width to 100px), then three thumbnails will fit in one line perfectly.


      • Silvan Spycher said:

        thanks very much!
        incredible how good and fast the support on here is! i think i will buy the pro version, just to support you guys ;)

        well, am i right, that you are from the makers of this plugin? or are you just someone that is nice and helps others just for fun?

        anyways, thanks a lot!

        • Dear Silvan,

          You are most welcome! We are indeed the developers of this plugin, as well as of all the other plugins featured on our website, both free and paid.

          We are very glad we could help you solve this issue. Please feel free to contact us with any questions in future.


  4. RAQUEL DURAN said:

    En una galeria de uñas, cómo quito la parte de busqueda y la lista de páginas?
    (in the nail gallery, how do I turn off the search box and the pages list?). Thanks

    • Dear Raquel,

      The search form is a part of the sidebar. To remove it, you need to remove the entire sidebar from the gallery output templates. To do so, please find the gallery-template.php and gallery-single-template.php files in the folder with your current theme ( wp-content/themes/your_theme_name ) and delete the following line:

      < ?php get_sidebar(); ?>

      Alternatively, you can change it for this one:

      < ?php /*get_sidebar();*/ ?>