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  1. I can’t set the Photo column to make it the same in all my galleries

    • Hi Daniela,

      Could you please provide a link to the page (pages) where the problem occurs?


  2. Greetings. The Gallery template seems to be messing with the theme layout. I am using cnews and it is responsive. The right sidebar ( I guess by the themes default) is adding a side bar to the Gallery page. Is there some script I can use to not call that in the template?

    Thanks in advance…..

    • Disregard I followed the instructions from the previous post and it removed the sidebar on the Gallery page. It is still showing up in the individual gallery posts. I think that would be part of the theme…maybe single post template. Thanks.

      • Hi Charles,

        What files did you make changes in and where are they located? You should make changes in the gallery-single-template.php and gallery-template.php files, that are located in the folder with your theme (path wp-content/themes/your_theme_name).


  3. Robert Bayley said:

    I want to remove the right column on the gallery page, the one showing comments / recent posts etc. If this is possible of course.

    • Hi Robert,

      Please follow the instructions below:
      1) You should find the file ‘gallery-template.php’ (if you would like to edit the general gallery page template) or ‘gallery-single-template.php’ file (if you would like to edit the single gallery page template).
      2) Open the file using the admin panel (wp-admin/theme-editor.php ) or another text editor, or the file manager available in cPanel (wp-content/themes/your_theme_name).
      3) Please find the line < ?php get_sidebar(); ?> and remove it, or change it for < ?php /* get_sidebar(); */ ?>.

      4) And save the file.


  4. The lightbox doesn’t pop up, is there any way to make it do so?

    • Hi Joanna,

      If you mean page http://afterskool.com.sg/about-us/the-team/ – there is a scripts conflict and it is likely to be the reason why images are not opened in lightbox. Judging by the source code, the conflict occurs in the scripts of your theme. You can either solve these conflicts by yourself or contact the developer of the theme.
      To check the work of our plugin you can activate a standard wordpress theme (2013, 2014) and check if the images will be displayed in lightbox or not.