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  1. The lightbox doesn’t pop up, is there any way to make it do so?

    • Hi Joanna,

      If you mean page http://afterskool.com.sg/about-us/the-team/ – there is a scripts conflict and it is likely to be the reason why images are not opened in lightbox. Judging by the source code, the conflict occurs in the scripts of your theme. You can either solve these conflicts by yourself or contact the developer of the theme.
      To check the work of our plugin you can activate a standard wordpress theme (2013, 2014) and check if the images will be displayed in lightbox or not.


  2. how can I add padding around images on single gallery template. Also would like to add spacing between pitcutes, so borders do not match.

    • Hi Phil,

      Please add the following strings to the style.css file of your theme:

      for spacing between pictures:

      .gllr_image_block {
      margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px;

      for padding around images:

      .gllr_image_block img {
      padding: 3px 3px 3px 3px

      You can set the necessary values by yourself: the first one is the top margin, the second one – the right margin, the third one – the bottom margin, the fourth one – the left margin.


  3. My Gallery Images have no navigation between them, how do I set up the lightbox?

  4. Aaron Walters said:

    If you visit my site, the page with the gallery on it causes the menu and topbar to become taller and pushes one of the menu items down to a new line. All other pages are fine, what would be causing this?

    • Hi Aaron,

      Please add the following strings to the style.css file of your theme:

      .gallery .topbarmenu li, .gallery .sf-menu li {
      margin: 0;