Maintaining your WordPress website

Everything requires regular maintenance, including websites. And as with everything else, it is cheaper to keep your website running smoothly instead of wasting time and money on random repairments.
But, maintaining your website by yourself can prove to be quite difficult and ineffective.
So, let our professionals take care of it! We provide a variety of services, just pick what you need.

Our Services



Your data will be regularly secured on our cloud storage.
If anything happens, we could immediately restore your website through backups and get everything back to normal.
Here’s a fact: 92% of people that lost data, are now among the most notorious backupers.
Don’t wait for trouble to happen, get backup now.



The easiest way to ensure your website will always work correctly is keeping it up-to-date.
We will update themes, plugins, content, links, and other functional parts of your website.


24/7 Uptime Monitoring

You never know when your website will become a target for a hacker attack.
And if your website is not well protected, an attack may be extremely damaging.
Data leaks, going offline, reputation damages, and other things can happen to you.
Lucky for you, our company provides a 24/7 uptime monitoring service.

Our Flexible Plans

Choose the plan that works best for you and your team


Regular Site Backups

from 79/month (be first and get 50% off)

  •    Daily backups
  •    Quick backup restoration
  •    Protects against power-outages
  •    Extra security
  •    Hold data over time
  •    Individual file restoration


WordPress Updates

from 179/month (be first and get 50% off)

  •     Installation as soon as possible
  •     2 hours of update services a month
  •     Theme / plugins updates
  •     Framework updates
  •     Monthly broken links updates
  •     Includes Backup Plan


24/7 Uptime Monitoring (single domain)

from 249/month (be first and get 50% off)

  •     Uptime Monitoring
  •     Monthly performance analysis
  •     Real-Time Website Accessibility Monitoring
  •     Includes Backup Plan
  •     Includes Updates Plan

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