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Without a doubt, Facebook is a powerful channel for marketing purposes. In fact, 91% of B2B sellers and 96% of B2C sellers currently use it for advertising and marketing.

The success of your social media marketing strategy depends on interaction, usually in the form of likes, comments, or shares. But high participation rates are easier said than done.

One way to increase engagement for your Facebook business page is to embed it on your website, which can increase the number of likes and comments on your posts without driving viewers away from your site.

Here is a quick guide on how to embed a Facebook feed on a WordPress website. So if you host your website on WordPress this info will be very useful!

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Logical Structure of Website

A properly designed structure is the foundation of the website. There is no defined or universal answer to the question of what it should be like. It is clear only that for each project you work on it must be strictly individual. There are also certain requirements of search engines, which must be followed, whether you want it or not.

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WordPress Glossary – How to Use WP Terms Correctly

In this article, we will analyze the basic terminology of WordPress, for easier understanding and perception.

For someone, posts are equal to pages, someone does not know about posts, only knows about records, and for someone, the archive is “where the documents are.” This article aims to eliminate such errors so that it becomes easier to communicate within the WordPress community.

Before starting, let’s outline a few rules by which I compiled this dictionary:

  • Not all concepts are described here, otherwise, the list of terms will grow into a development guide. But perhaps in the future, there will be a more detailed analysis of WordPress terms.
  • The terms below are not in alphabetical order but are grouped by the scope and arranged by occurrence in wp development and the community.
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How to Choose a WordPress Theme

When it comes to choosing a theme for your WordPress website, there are many options to choose from. There are now more than a few thousand free themes in the WordPress catalog, as well as countless premium themes from various developers.

So how do you choose the stylish theme for your website? In this post, I will talk about 10 things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme to use.

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How to Perfect The Art of Popups

Great advertisements enhance the user experience instead of disrupting it.

By their nature, advertisements are interruptions. This is true whether it’s a multi-million-dollar Super Bowl ad or a fifty cent click on a search engine link.

But that doesn’t mean ads need to be intrusive or disruptive – though many of them are. The very best advertisements add value to the user experience, letting it become something greater than it would be otherwise.

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How to Clear a Website from Viruses and Escape Search Engine Blacklist

Any system can be hacked if you really want to and are willing to put in an effort. Even if it is a unique engine developed from scratch for a specific project. There will always be someone smarter than your security specialist. The task of the webmaster is to set up basic protection, constantly monitor the situation and promptly resolve problems. This is the only way to keep the traffic and loyalty of the target audience. The problem of hacking information sites is very serious. Many webmasters underestimate it and end up losing traffic and money.

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How to Protect Your BuddyPress Forms from Spam and Bots

So, you’d like to make sure your website is secure? The most vulnerable points of any site, it turns out, are the ones with which visitors can interact with. Contact forms, registration forms, comment sections are ideal targets for any aspiring hacker. They can be subjected to any form of violation if they are not well safeguarded. Starting with bruteforce attacks and on to DDoS attacks and SQL injections.

What are the actions you need to take to ensure that your website forms are secure? Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick yet comprehensive guide that explains all you can do for BuddyPress. Of course, it does not guarantee 100% safety, but at least makes sure the cheapest and most common tricks won’t break your website.

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Cross-Platform Development and Mobile Apps

When developing a mobile app, there are several factors to consider: functionality, adaptability, cost, and optimization. Cross-platform allows developers to write code for several operating systems at once. For business it is an opportunity to save money, launch faster and reach a larger segment of users

Cross-platform applications are running on multiple operating systems at once. The task of programmers is to write code that deploys well on all operating systems.

That universal approach to development fulfills two important conditions: saving time and money. Developers make the application much faster. Or rather, the app itself is developed as much as an iPhone or Android app. But if a business orders an app for different systems, it takes twice as much time to develop. As well as money.

But there are disadvantages: cross-platform applications are not as flexible as native ones, because it is difficult to implement all the features to make them work well on different devices. App stores have their own requirements, and they need to be taken into account during development. This creates additional discomfort and difficulties.

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