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WordPress provides quite developer-friendly tools out of the box, including various forms and pages. The login form isn’t an exception. It’s a great solution for simple websites, but we want to highly recommend you to develop your own custom login form.

The reason is that this element manages such essential data as user login information. Unfortunately, the default WordPress form doesn’t have any particular protection. Reliable user protection is a key element of creating an efficient and successful website, so you always need to take measures to ensure the safety of user accounts, login information, and personal data.

In this article, we want to cover 4 possible arguments for creating your own custom login form. Furthermore, we want to share with you 4 handy and easy-to-use plugins that’ll help you to develop a nice-looking, reliable interface element for your website.

Why Do You Need Custom Login Form?

  • Additional Security

Every great login form requires significant protection measures. Such type of control elements manages user login details or other private information. As we said earlier, the default WordPress login form doesn’t have any additional security measures to protect your users. With a custom login form, you’ll be able to enhance the overall security level by using various encryption techniques, SQL Injection protection or multi-factor authorization. 2-Step Verification plugin is a great way to add another security layer to protect your WordPress website from phishing and passwords theft.

Default WordPress form may look quite boring for some users and developers. It’s understandable – such login form doesn’t have any particular style or fancy effects. Users do care about usability but first of all they like when the things look stylish. Develop your custom login form to catch the user’s attention and start generating great UX (User Experience).

Customize buttons, tooltips, and fields; add a fancy logo and upload a custom background image; redesign the forgot/restore password page; add external widgets to implement additional handy functionality. Don’t overdo it with such an approach – the login form must be elegant and provide great usability instead of being annoying and pretentious.

  • Improved User Experience

A custom login form may be much more user-friendly than the default one. Add convenient navigation, easy access to submitting, password recovery or sign up forms, use widgets and attach login options via social media, etc. Add tooltips to all fields and buttons to make logging in more comfortable for a wider audience. Users really like when things are clear and understandable.

  • Branding

Surprisingly, the excellent custom login form can significantly influence the attitude of people towards your brand. Users will trust the company more if the website’s login form is safe to use and ensures the security of all personal data. Users will appreciate this. Furthermore, your own custom design with original elements may create a tremendous, memorable effect that will associate the most eye-catching details with your brand. As a result, you’ll improve the credibility of your brand, it’s reputation, UX, visual impressions, and can even make your brand viral in social media!

How Can You Get One?

ProfilePress plugin is an outstanding tool for creating a front-end login form. The lite version is free but powerful – you can use basic HTML & CSS knowledge to create a sturdy design for your elements. You don’t need any advanced skills – ProfilePress will handle all tough parts. The plugin automatically manages such crucial tasks as server-side PHP validation, authentication, and authorization processes.

The basic version covers redirects, live design preview, and allows using an unlimited number of custom user login, registration, and password reset forms. You can always upgrade to a pro version to enable Ajax login and customize login and registration widgets, log in using one-time passwords, multi-step registration forms, etc. With the paid version, you’ll allow users to log in via popular social media, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, etc.

Divi Builder is a fully-responsive visual drag & drop page builder you can use to create fantastic login forms. You can use it to design a great interface element from a post or a form to an entire webpage and generate positive website UX.

The plugin comes with different nice-looking templates you can configure the way you like to speed up the time-consuming development process. The plugin has a drag-and-drop builder, so you can basically design stylish login form in a few simple clicks.

Use the Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin to protect your exceptional custom Divi Login Form and not to bother about spam bots or brute-force attacks.

LoginPress is a plugin about customization. Change the login form completely, including error messages and tooltips. Install and apply the plugin in a few simple clicks and start to create your own masterpiece. Upload custom logo and background images, decorate buttons, customize login and forget password forms, change the footer, or create original CSS3 style you can use for your login form.

Forget about tedious default WordPress forms – this plugin will help to create a real eye-catching and mind-blowing login interface. The basic functionality is totally free, but you can upgrade to a pro version and make the form even better.

It’s a great stylish custom login page builder. Style the form whatever you like, choose an arbitrary background image, add optional widget areas to extend the functionality even more – this premium plugin will handle everything you want to see in a custom login form. Configure any element you want and apply the whatever design you desire to background, form header, login form itself, submit buttons, widgets, or password restoring links. This custom style can only be limited by your imagination, not by the plugin’s functionality.

Wrapping Up

The custom login form is a great way to implement stylish, reliable, secure, and user-friendly interactive element into your WordPress website. It’s always a good practice to create your own functional forms instead of using default WordPress ones.

Your own interactive element will positively affect your brand’s credibility and visuals of the website. All these factors may lead to a UX boost and result in increased conversions, visitors count and trust to your company.

The protected login form will maintain a decently high level of website security, so your users may feel safer to log in using their personal information. In general, a custom WordPress login form is a great way to bring it to a higher level of design, protection and customer service.

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