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In the past week, Europe has seen more bloodshed than for the past 70 years. All that happened to Ukraine. And the only reason for that is imperial ambition of just one state. Russian Federation. The  21th century must have been the age of peace and prosperity. Meaningless wars and an archaic mindset of conquering should have died along with the last empires. Of course, economic battles between countries are ever-present. But no person ever lost their loved ones because of that. Cooperation and partnership always proved to be more fruitful than enmity and robbery. And now people all around the world are uniting before the face of a tragedy. 


  • Part of the money from all purchases will go to Ukraine army and its citizens. The action will continue until the peace treaty is signed. 
  • All licenses for Russia and Belarus will be permanently banned and accounts will be deleted. The civilized world must not tolerate and support acts of genocide in any form. All contact with the aggressors must be severed.

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Requisites to help the Ukrainian army directly:

If you can’t help financially, you can sign the petition to NATO to close the airspace above Ukraine. It will severely reduce the casualties among the peaceful citizens.  https://www.openpetition.eu/petition/online/people-around-the-world-ask-nato-to-close-the-airspace-over-ukraine


Watch and listen songs and videos about the war in Ukraine.




Please support our territorial defense forces!

Currency receivable accounts have been opened for the transfer of funds for the needs of the Zaporizhia separate territorial defense brigade.

You can help our defenders in the fight against the aggressor with the following requisites:

EUR: СO ”Ukrainian Social Programs Charitable Foundation” UA673348510000000026000174769 Beneficiary bank: First Ukrainian International Bank SWIFT BIC: FUIBUA2X Correspondent Banks: Comerzbank AG SWIFT BIC: COBADEFF Raiffeisen Bank International AG SWIFT BIC: RZBAATWW Landersbank Baden-Wurtteemberg SWIFT BIC: SOLADEST

USD: СO ”Ukrainian Social Programs Charitable Foundation” UA673348510000000026000174769 Beneficiary bank: First Ukrainian International Bank SWIFT BIC: FUIBUA2X Correspondent Banks: JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A SWIFT BIC: CHASUS33 The bank of New York Mellon SWIFT BIC: IRvTUS3N

Let’s bring our victory closer together!

Glory to Ukraine!

Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй! 

SEO: Semantic Core Synthesys

Self-promotion is a common situation when you start a website for business. The development of a web resource in terms of SEO begins with the collection of semantics. Creating a semantic core is an indispensable process of successful promotion and optimization of each site.

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Having a contact form plugin installed on your website is an admirable decision. Feedback management is vital for any profit or non-profit company, as well as blogs and even web tool developers. Basically almost any kind of website. 

However, most of the time that’s not enough. Depending on the plugin used, the feedback gathered from your visitors and clients is managed differently. For example, the Form Element plugin is sending an email whenever you receive a submitted form. 

By default Contact Form 7 doesn’t save the submitted messages. To manage messages through Contact Form 7, you need to install Flamingo (another plugin created by the same developer). 

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Spam is any unwanted or inappropriate message sent to a large number of people. Spam typically consists of unwelcome product adverts, irrelevant backlinks (in an attempt to boost the connected website’s ranking in search engine results), or more nefarious activities such as scams or malware downloads. Spam can also refer to any content that is irrelevant and sent in huge quantities.

Most internet spam is totally automated by spam bots, similar to the robocalls that have troubled many consumers in recent years. When users interact with a spam bot’s work, they are not communicating with a real person, even if the bot appears to “react” to user interactions. Instead, spam bots interact with consumers by sending preprogrammed messages or following preprogrammed conversational scripts.

Spam can be sent to individual users via email, social networks or messengers. But typically the most value owners of bots get from putting their backlinks on a popular, yet weak-protected website.  

If you are using Ninja Forms there are ways for you to prevent any of it.

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Addons to Advanced Custom Fields

By giving you all the tools to do more with your data, Advanced Custom Fields converts WordPress sites into a full-fledged content management system.

It allows you to take full control of your WordPress edit screens and custom field data. Add fields as needed. Using field builder, you can quickly and easily add fields to WP edit screens with only a few clicks!

And put them wherever you like. Fields can be added to posts, users, taxonomic terms, media, comments, and even custom options pages in WordPress!

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WooСommerce can be defined as a plugin. In fact, it is a plugin that is installed in WordPress and used to create a functional online store on one page without the need to know how to code or have a lot of computer skills.

Woocommerce is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, ie it serves both freelancers and small and medium-sized and small companies (even large ones, with some modifications, it can serve them, although it is not their target audience). Due to its simplicity and settings, today it is one of the most selected for easy creation of an online store (in minutes).

And what is Woocommerce really worth? Well, turning your page into an online store helps you sell. Of course, for this, you really need to configure the plugin as much as possible to avoid errors from users or so that the sales process does not lead to an error, and you can not complete the sale.

However little to no plugins can achieve their top performance on their own, and in most cases, they work in conjunction with other tools. BestWebSoft offers an extensive list of tools to further increase the effectiveness of your selling tool.

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Spam on contact forms is an annoyance for all website owners. Spambots will continue to target your site, clogging your inbox with meaningless messages, no matter how big or tiny it is.

This is a waste of time because you’ll have to sift through hundreds of thousands of messages to flag or remove obvious spam, then figure out if the rest are real people or bots impersonating them.

Spambots are computer programs that are programmed to transmit useless data to your contact form or email registration form. They’re seeking for a means to take over your website, server, or email account so they can send spam. Worse, they may steal your email list, giving them a large number of individuals to spam.

Using a WordPress plugin, there are numerous ways to prevent contact form spam. 

Caldera Form is one of the most popular WordPress plugins on the market, and, of course, it requires additional anti-spam and anti-bot security. Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep spam out of your Caldera Form.

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Do you wish to track the behavior of your logged-in users? If your website requires visitors to register, you can use WordPress user activity tracking to learn more about how they interact with it. You can accurately follow your logged-in users across different devices by setting individual user ID tracking in Google Analytics, determine their interactions with the help of social networks, or use a simple plugin to follow different metrics.

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