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Nowadays, WordPress plugin development is one of the popular and demanded services. With custom WordPress plugin created especially for you and your needs, your business will grow faster and you’ll have a competitive advantage.

What is a Custom WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is a kind of a software which contains a group of functions and can be added to a WordPress site to do some specific job. It is a tool which expands the functionality of the website by adding different features. They are created using PHP language and integrate with WordPress easily.

Custom WordPress plugin is a unique tool with a set of features created specifically in accordance with your needs. You get a total freedom to customize your website and receive any functionality required for your work.

What Factors Affect the Price?

Due to the fact that each custom WordPress plugin is developed exclusively for the individual customer, the cost of the project can vary depending on the following factors:


With no doubts, this is the main factor. You should understand that plugin which places your recent posts in the sidebar and plugin which provides you with a complete booking system – these are totally two different products. It is required about 15 hours to develop the first and 150 hours to develop and integrate the second one.

Time Frame

Is this an urgent project? Do you have a deadline which can’t be missed?

Changing the Course

If you decide to change the scope of your project halfway, be ready to pay more. It is usual when a customer decides to add some additional feature, and it is okay, but if changes are major, change-order fees are inevitable.

Maintenance and Support

Usually, maintenance and support are not included in the service after the delivery of the project. However, they can be offered at an additional cost.

Further use of the Plugin

Would you like to use the plugin outside of your site? Would you like to share it with everyone using WordPress plugin directory? Would you like to sell it by your own? Or maybe just use it exclusively on your website for personal purposes? It is necessary to discuss a plan on distributing the plugin.

How to Avoid Overpaying?

The main thing here is to be clear. It would be great if you create a list of features you’d like to see in the plugin and describe the desired functionality as detailed as possible.

It is important to discuss every piece of the project in order to receive an accurate quote and avoid any misunderstanding in future. It also helps to reduce the quantity of revisions and change-order fees.

Also, the thing which can significantly reduce the cost is a customization of the plugin with the functionality similar to the desired (if there is the one, of course).

So What is The Price?

As you can see, there are a lot of factors which affect the price of the plugin and it is quite difficult to explain the cost in the fixed numbers.

If the plugin is simple, requires several particular features, and you can provide a clear specification quickly and with examples, the cost can vary between $500 – $1000.

Examples: Donate, Error Log Viewer, Promobar, Facebook Button.

If your plugin is not extremely complex, but is more full featured and require some advanced development, the price can vary between $1000 – $5000.

Examples: Pagination, Subscriber, Sender.

If you need some booking system which includes integration with some payment system, a complex enterprise level project, be ready to pay over $5000.

Please note again that these ranges are nominal and the final price depends on the desired functionality and its complexity.


There is a wide range of freelancers and agencies offering such type of service. Of course, if you’re looking for a custom WordPress plugin development, select a trusted agencies and developers, pay close attention to the experience and skills in order to avoid any worrying about quality and other risks like site crash and etc.

If you want to get a quote, contact us now and we’ll be happy to get into details of your project!

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