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  1. Can I pay by paypal only? Because I do not have a debit card. Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Hi Kate,

      Yes, it is possible to pay via Paypal. Please go to the payment page and in the Payment Method block select the Paypal tab and click on the Continue to PayPal button.


  2. link to download is not working

    • Hi Fredyq,

      We kindly ask you to specify, which link is not working? Are you referring to the link in the email?
      Which error does it give when you try to follow this link?

      You should have received an email with the information about new user registration on our website. Go to http://bestwebsoft.com/wp-login.php (your username is the email you specify when purchasing the product) to log in to your personal Client area page. If necessary, make a “Lost your password?” request. For your convenience you can go to your personal page on our website, where you can view your purchase information and make the necessary changes. On your Client area page, you will find a download link. You can try downloading the plugin using this link.

      Please make use of the following user guides:



  3. Hello,
    Congrats for your great gallery plugin. I have a site in two different languages and i cannot upload a gallery in the second language. I have uploaded the images and i have two different galleries one for each language but in engligh language the gallery does not appear.

    Thank you very much for your support,


    • Hi Miguel,

      Could you please provide links to pages in different languages, screenshots of these pages in the editing mode?


  4. George Chaplin said:

    Hi there,

    Do you think it would be possible to make Gallery work so that multiple users can add images to a gallery? This would be a very useful feature when trying to create collective image repositories.

    That way a Gallery could be set up for all corporate logo’s, and the team would be able to post their image contributions to it for example.

    • Hi George,

      To add images (edit a gallery) the same access permissions are necessary as for editing a page/post. That is if users can edit posts, they will be able to add images to the gallery.