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  1. website under development.

    Is it possible to include images from the WP media library rather than upload them each time?

    I am looking to buy but this is holding me back.

    • Hi Tony,

      Unfortunately, this functionality is not available. It is necessary to re-upload the images on the gallery page to add them.


  2. Please disregard previous email. I think i had to update the plugin. Although I still get this warming that I did not purchase the plugin but in fact, I have purchased the pro version so the warning should disappear…

    • Hi Julian,

      Could you please specify if your problems have been resolved or not? If not – please describe the problem in more detail.


  3. Hi,

    It seems when I create a new gallery, I can’t get the same formatting for the image. All images should be consistent in size (although I have checked they are all same size).

    Can you please look into it?

  4. On this site, I have the galleries set as a menu item, not as a shortcode on a separate page. Is it possible to remove the search box, archives and ‘meta’ on the bottom right hand side of the page?

    These items are already set to inactive in the template settings.

    • Hi Jasha,

      It is likely to be your sidebar. In order to remove it

      Please follow the instructions below:
      1) You should find the file ‘gallery-template.php’ (if you would like to edit the general gallery page template) or ‘gallery-single-template.php’ file (if you would like to edit the single gallery page template).
      2) Open the file using the admin panel (wp-admin/theme-editor.php ) or another text editor, or the file manager available in cPanel.
      3) Please find the line < ?php get_sidebar(); ?> and remove it.
      4) And save the file.