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  1. Aaron Schuurman said:

    Will not be requiring support after 6 months, could you please debit the $10 payment only.

    • Hi Aaron,

      Could you please describe in more detail what exactly is wrong? If you want to be issued a refund, we will need your order number.


  2. I’m using gallery pro. When i send a picture, i’ve got this problem Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 57671680) (tried to allocate 7744 bytes) in /homepages/xx/d3XXXXX0/htdocs/dsc059xxxx/wp-content/plugins/gallery-plugin-pro/thumb.php(4) : eval()’d code on line 33

    Could you help me please

    • Hi,

      Size of the uploaded file is larger than limit size (configured on your server). – There is not enough memory to process the file:
      There are some solutions to the problem:
      - upload fewer images at a time;
      - to contact your server support team with a request to increase the maximum memory limit;
      - use the standard wordpress uploader (on the same page), this parameter is not important for it.


  3. Tammy Gilchrest said:

    I have tried so many galleries for my page. Before buying, I need to know if it is possible to create custom templates? I have a Jewelry Art page and a Wall Art page. Can I create a template for each respectively where when clicked on it will show each gallery with multiple pictures within?


    • Hi Tammy,

      Could you please clarify what you mean by “create custom templates”?
      If you mean inserting a gallery to the content of any page, in our Gallery Pro it is possible to get a shortcode of the gallery which can be inserted into any page, i.e. you can create two galleries for each of the pages.
      If you mean customization, from the code changing point of view, our gallery includes a single template, that will appear in the folder with the theme after activating the plugin. You are free to change it anyhow you like and use it for a cretain page afterwards.


  4. Desislav Iliev said:

    Love the free version of this.