Easy way to set up the advertising on your website

Easy Way to Earn Money With the Ads

Link the website to Google AdSense account in a few clicks

Ads settings

A user-friendly settings display will help you to set the necessary setting and connect the website to Google AdSense just in a moment. So you do not need to stuck with all hard-to-understand moments while doing the most important settings.

Add Advertisement to the Selected Pages

Manage the appearance and display of the Ads

Set the place to display the advertisement in a convenient way.  Choose the pages or posts where you would like to see the advertisement you add. The other thing is the ability to select the position of the display. Or even add the ads to the footer! Try all variants to find the most suitable one.

ads exapmle

Use Exiting Features for the Exellent Productivity

Manage the Ads for the best Profit 

ads settings placement

Amazing features will help you automatically insert ads to:

  • Home page
  • Pages
  • Posts/Custom post types
  • Categories/Tags
  • Widgets

Show idle ads or even receive the existing ads from your Google AdSense account. Try out to found out more!

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