Add Analytics code to WordPress website and track basic stats.

Analytics Plugin for Every WordPress Website!

Analytics is the must if you want to improve your website, track the user’s action, and see the statistic data and much more.

Collection of Information
Studying Competitors
Content Analysis
Effective Advertising
Determination of Next Offer
Budget Savings

Meet the Features

Analytics plugin is the best way to revise Google Analytics on your WordPress website dashboard.

Configure the reporting mode, select the metrics that you need

Set the time range for your statistic displaying

Get all info about your WordPress site traffic

Choose Statistics Metrics


View unique visitors and new visits statistic

Page Tracking

Track pageviews and page/visits statistic


View visits, bounce rate and average visit duration

Even More Features in Pro Version

View Statistics for Goals and Choose Goal Metrics

  • Completions
  • Value
  • Conversion rate
  • Abandoned funnels

Configure all Subsites on the Network


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