An effective solution to add extra fields to the website's user profile page. Create and manage additional custom values.

Profile Extra Fields – Get More, Be Better

The simple-to-use to use plugin that aimed to help you get more information about your clients.

Profile Extra Fields plugin will help you to get information about the users. You can add checkboxes, radio buttons, text, date, time, phone number fields, or even URL field type to the profile or registration page.

Add the custom fields to the registration page or even to the user’s profile. Do not miss the chance to know your audience better.

Using the plugin you can import all user data to a CSV file. A handy feature for users’ information backup.

Amazing Solution for Every Website

Great features that can be used in a wide range of users` administrative actions 

extra fields on page

Profile Extra Fields plugin allows you not only to create your extra fields but also display any information about different types of users. It can be displayed via shortcode. Display user data on your page or post including such types:

  • All users data
  • Logged in user data
  • Certain user role data
  • Certain user data
  • Current user data

Extend the Users Profile with Custom Fields

Use the opportunity to get the info you want and display it on a users profile 

Profile Extra Fields plugin can be used for adding the unique fields for the WordPress user’s profile and be displayed on the profile page.

What is more, the very feature gives an opportunity to add the fields for the registration form and be marked as required not to miss the important information about the customers. It is also opportunity to import the available values for a checkbox, drop down list, radio button, and it is opportunity to attach files to the attachment type field.

The intuitive settings allow you to spend a little time setting up the plugin and customize it the way you want.

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