The very best plugin, that allows you to add related, featured, popular, and relevant posts on your WordPress website in order to provide your readers with relevant info
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The One to Show All Kinds of Posts

Use one product to enrich the website with all kinds of posts. Choose the position and style, set all necessary info about post, add posts via widgets, and much more

Add related, featured, latest, and popular posts to the widgets area or hoose different positions for all kinds of posts

Display posts based on the categories, tags. titles and meta keywords

Set custom size for feature image and set default image if the post image is missing

Use separate shortcodes to add related, featured, latest, and popular posts to post, pages, and custom post types

Easy to Configure

A user-friendly setting interface allows you to do the basic setting in a few clicks. Set the title,  number of posts, date range, and much more. Or configure the other things you need. The wide range of options will help you in the customization of post kind you want.

Fully Custom Appearance

Customize the appearance and display of the posts, set the sorting type, and use separate shortcodes for each block.

Compatible with the latest WordPress version

Incredibly simple settings and fast setup

Detailed step-by-step documentation and videos

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