Add social media buttons and widgets to WordPress posts, pages and widgets. FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Social Buttons Pack is the Must for the Website Promotion!

Social Buttons Pack is a great opportunity to share the posts at the most popular social nets. Add social media buttons that fit your blog type. With this, you can give people additional opportunities to express interest in your posts or articles


Use Facebook page options to set the appearance of the Profile, Like, or share buttons.

Set the necessary size and position, change layout, and much more.

Stay amazed by the easy language change of the buttons, with options that Social Buttons Pack provides.


Customize the appearance with button size, position, and switching language.

Use Tweet, Follow, Hashtag, or Mention button to share the post between the users.

Use the Twitter Tailoring option if you want tailored suggestions from Twitter.


 The opportunity to share beautiful images is always pleasant.  Give your users what they want with Pinterest Share and Save buttons.

Choose the right variant for you to set the position of the buttons, use a custom image of the buttons, show pin counts, and much more.


Want to use social buttons for work questions? You will get this by sharing the posts and pages via the LinkedIn community.

Create LinkedIn Share and Follow buttons to set the connection between the network and your website.

The Count Mode option will show how popular the post is, that can attract new users and consumers into your website.


Add your Instagram profile to any place of your website, set the size, and customize the appearance!


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