Do you need help with organizing your schedule? Then this plugin is what you need. An easy and convenient way to keep track of all the users and how many hours they work.

Manage Your Workspace

If tracking time is a problem – you found a perfect solution to manage all the work hours

Do you want to know how many hours you work? Or just need to plan something. Then this will be perfect for you! Choose any period of time and select a status, check how many hours were spend on different things.

Manage Productivity

 Find out how productive the work was in a click

Use Team Timesheet to know the overall productivity of the users or company you can. Select users, status and view all the data by the hour or by the day.

timesheet settings

Extra Easy Settings


If you want your TimeSheet to match your overall website design, then you can select the color that you want for each status. There is an option to add new once and even change the timeline in the way that it would suit your demands.


This plugin is the easiest way to create a timesheet which will fit your site. This will let you manage and track the time and will let you see what you and your users spend time on.


You do not need to plan your day hour by hour clicking every cell to set the only one activity for the working plan. Just use the “All Day” option to set the all-day-long activity with one simple click.


You do not need to worry about the storage amount the timesheet takes. You can set the periodicity, that will clean the old data up, so you do not need to think about it anymore.

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