This plugin will help you display all the tweets that you want on your website. Add a Twitters' feed to increase followers and traffic.

Add Twitter Feed and Buttons to Your Website

Increase your Twitter page visitors number and add new social functionality of your webpages

Add Twitter buttons for easier access to your Twitter page. Customize the size, language, and buttons placement.

Choose a dark or light theme. Choose the number of placed tweets, Height, width, and some design elements are fully customizable.

Choose any URL to place on your site. By placing a Twitter timeline you let people know about the updates and news of the company.

Plugin Settings page.
timeline twitter

Download Twitter plugin and expand social functions on your website!

Let Your Twitter Account Help You

Change the appearance of the buttons easily

Add Tweet, Hashtag, Mention and Follow buttons.  Change the default buttons with anything that you will choose.

Choose where display buttons. You can select necessary posts, pages, custom posts and even place buttons in widgets!

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