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User Guide Make a Screenshot via LightShot

Make a Screenshot via LightShot

User Guide



 6.3.0 *

*When using other versions some differences are possible to occur

** Screenshots were taken from a PC

Table of Contents

1. Install LightShot on Computer

2. Add Lightshot Browser Extension for Google Chrome

3. Make a Screenshot using Lightshot

Note: To find more information please visit the LightShot tutorials page.

1. Install LightShot on Computer

Follow the steps below to download and install the Lightshot on your computer.

1.1. Go to the LightShot official page.

1.2. Click “Download for Windows” or “Download for Mac” (depending on your software) button.

1.3. The installation file will appear on your computer.

1.4. Click the installation file to set up the program. Choose a language from the drop-down menu.

1.5. Click the “Next”  button to continue the setup.

1.6. Click the “I accept the agreement”  button and then the “Next” button.

1.7. When the installation is complete you’ll be redirected to the LightShot “Thank You” page.

2. Add Lightshot Browser Extension for Google Chrome

Go to the Google Chrome extensions page and find LightShot (screenshot tool) there or just click here.

2.1. Click the “Add to Chrome” button.

2.2. Click the “Add Extension” button to confirm to add the Lightshot to Chrome browser.

2.3. When the installation is completed successfully you will see a notification at the top of a screen.

2.4. The Lightshot is added to the toolbar of the Google Chrome browser. Click the icon to make a screenshot.

3. Make a Screenshot using Lightshot

To make a screenshot using LightShot follow the steps below.

3.1. Click the “Print Screen” button on the keyboard.

Note: If you are using the Google Chrome extension then click the icon in your browser (as displayed on the screenshot above) Print Sc button doesn’t work for the extension.

3.2. You will be offered to select the area for the screenshot.

3.3. After selecting the area for the screenshot - the tools panel will be displayed.

3.4. Choose the necessary color to mark the necessary area on a screenshot. The red color is selected by default.

3.5. Use the “Rectangle” tool to outline the necessary area.

3.6. Click the “Undo” button or press “Ctrl+Z to revert changes.

3.7. Use the “Arrow” option to point something in the screenshot.

3.8. Click the “Save to prntscr.com” or Ctrl+D button to get the shareable link for the screenshot.

3.9. The link to the screenshot will appear at the bottom of the screen.

3.10. The screenshot may look on a prntscrn.com as follows.

3.11. Click the “Copy” button or press Ctrl+C to copy the screenshot to the clipboard. To paste the screenshot press the Ctrl+V combination.

3.12. Click the “Save” button or Ctrl+S to save the screenshot to the computer.

3.13. Click the “Close” button to press the “Esc” button to finish the screenshot creation.

Thank you!

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