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It's one of the biggest projects we worked on and it's still in progress. It's based on CodeIgniter + Smarty. We use Git system to control revisions. The project consists of 4 parts. Here they are:
  1. AnyArt Shop - the site mainly deals with the orders (online store).
    • create process - you can upload any photo of yours and order its painting or HQ printing (you can choose various sizes, borders, corners, types, filters and generate PDF;
    • shop - virtual store of ready solutions (paintings).
    • buy gift certificates - all purchases are made by adding to the cart and payment via PayPal. There is the complex system of coupon codes, gift certificates, tax, etc in the cart (you can set them for a certain group or type of items).
    • static pages, gallery & order tracking functionality.
  2. AnyArt Dealer - the site is focused on the anyart dealers. The functionality is divided into two parts:
    • private part for dealers (dashboard, editing functionality, stats, blog, orders, dealers team);
    • open part - description of the functionality and possibilities for dealers.
    There is a complex hierarchy of dealers and the system of commissions for them (dealers have ranks, commands, privileges, achievements, bonuses and many other features).
  3. AnyArt Admin - the site for AnyArt Shop & AnyArt Dealer administration and management.
  4. AnyArt Club - independent website, it mainly deals with the signup to paintings mailing. There is the admin panel, private user part and front part on the website.
The users pay a membership fee and form various queues of paintings. So the system of paintings mailing runs semi automatically. We work on this project for about a year, and during that time all 4 websites were redesigned several times and the functionality still keep on growing.

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