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We built the site from scratch on the basis of HTML/CSS pages sent by the client. We created the functionality of the pages filling in and displaying for non-registered users (usual pages, which can be edited in the admin section) and for registered, but free users. Also we created the functionality for filling and displaying the news pages, competitions (the pages are organized according to the news types (dates) + instruments (like categories) and within the category (sorting by dates and ages), interviews, statistics pages. A user is able to create a competition and fill in the information about that competition. Moreover, the admin section front-end functionality for registered, but paid users has been created. A user has a possibility to create a competition, add/edit the information about the competitions, competitors, prizes, places, jury, etc. There is also the admin section for the admin only, who fills in the pages with the information, administrates competitions, master classes, users, news, etc. We also created the registration/login/password retrieval functionality and several types of navigation through the site. The code is cross-browser compatible according to W3C standards.

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