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The task was to develop a website based on WordPress CMS according to provided in PSD files design. A customer provided mockups of webpages design. - For pages with different design necessary templates were created. - Posts with different subject matters were united to appropriate custom post types. - At portfolio page two galleries were developed. One of the galleries is done via Javascript/jQuery without utilization of third party plugins. Another one was done using jQuery FancyBox plugin. - At RESOURCES page roll-up/unrolling blocks were done via jQuery Collapse-O-Matic plugin. Also Mortgage Calculator was implemented and improved at this page. - At Sunnyside Plans page highlight of image areas was done via Image Map, i.e. when hovering at the certain area (in our case it's a house) it is highlighted with another color and when clicking a floor plan of this house opens. - At NEIGHBOURHOOD page there is a map which was reproduced according to an image via jQuery Mapbox plugin. A possibility to manage scale of the map and navigation via buttons was implemented for this map. - At Sunnyside Contact page there was implemented Google Map with buttons of scaling and navigation. - Facebook Like button was also implemented.

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