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The customer contacted us with the request to create the web application to check the indexing of websites. We created the website using Codeigniter framework. The following options have been implemented on the website:
  1. the registration;
  2. the option to manage a profile;
  3. the option to check the indexing of websites on Google and Bing using curl and soket connections with the possibility to use proxy;
  4. the ability to add websites and proxy servers to the base manually or with the help of xlsx files. We used PHPExcel library for the parsing of xlsx files;
  5. the functional to manage websites and proxy servers;
  6. the functional to display graphically the changing of the indexing on Google and Bing for a month;
  7. plugins were developed:
    • using curl connection with plugins, the plugin allows to update/delete/install plugins, themes, update the core of WordPress;
    • the plugin allows to track user`s posts on the website.

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