The representative of Carolina Healthcare asked our team to design a website. For understanding the significance and importance of this project you should know what a powerful company it is! Our task was to design the online survey service on the basis of the existing corporate identity, which was provided by the client. It meant that we would have to work in some frameworks. Yeap, it is awesome when companies have their corporate identity. It shows their status and importance in society. We must admit that web design process was very pleasant. It was the online questionnaire and only content was related to medicine. We've already done questionnaires for different projects. This site was designed for a wide range of people and the task was to choose an amazing color scheme and also to develop the structure of the elements (layout) based on the customer's wishes. So we decided to use the most discreet, quiet, muffled and pleasant color to perception! It was the best solution for this website.

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