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This project was developed based on requirements and specification that were provided by our customer. As the first stage the work at graphic portion has been done. So, the work at Fitness tracker app Fitness tracker app included: - managing possibilities (create/edit/remove) for personal accounts; - possibility to select a trainer (a list of proposed trainings depends on this selection); - selection of the training and a day for it; - interactive excercises page (timer for rest, switching of the sets, exercises, input of information about exercise stress and records); - summary page for completed day of the training; - application interacts with SQLite database where all information is stored (trainers, workouts, days of workouts, exercises, user profiles, user records) - support for iPhone, iPhone5, iPod touch, and also retina displays of all devices. - sound notifications (10 second left, rest time is over etc) - also all the processes in the app continues working in "application in Background" mode. Technologies used: Objective-C, Cocoa, XCode, iOS SDK, UIKit Framework, Quartz Core Framework, SQLite 3.0 library, AVFoundation Framework, Foundation Framework, SystemConfiguration Framework, CoreGraphics Framework, iOS gestures See description of related work done for this project here

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