The project included 2 tasks. The first task of this project was to create outlines of people similar to the given samples by the customer. The customer mascot was drawn in Adobe-Illustrator,so we had to create illustrations of mascots and put them in different positions without altering their look. The customer requested them in the following positions: - sitting position; - sitting at computer; - on a phone call; - typing; - talking to each other; - on an iPad; - running; - waving. The second task was to re-create a brochure in Adobe-indesign. The basic requirement was not to change the design and colour scheme of the booklet and keep it as it was and work with the text part only. It was not the difficult job - it was necessary to replace the old text of the brochure with the new text. So our job was to compose all text part and work with fonts. All materials and content have been provided by the customer.

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