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NewTalkTV website was developed using CMS Wordpress Multisite and represents a system of blogs oriented to Web TV and internet marketing. Website has the following features:
  • For each registered used there could be created their own blog automatically;
  • The owner of the blog has a possibility to publish video of their interviews in their blogs. Also links to these interviews will be displayed in appropriate channel at the main website.
  • Each blog is integrated with GetResponse system. This gives to blogs' owners a possibility of interaction with their visitors using all facilities of this system.
  • At the website there is also used Survey Funnel plugin. This plugin-questionnaire makes it possible for blogs' owners to find out opinion and preferences of their visitors.
  • Disqus commenting system is implemented to the website.
  • There are also links to social networks and popular services implemented to the website using AddThis platform.
  • To the blogs there is implemented a possibility of using Wibiya Web Toolbar.
  • There is also SEO-work was done at the website so it would be indexed by Google.

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