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We developed a personal wedding website , which consists of the main parent site (this is a showcase of the product, including features, pricing, designs and allows potential customers to start a free trial or buy as a gift), personal wedding websites (personal wedding websites with different themes and layouts) and administration panel  (for users to have complete control over their website, upload and manage content, approve comments, etc.). This is a multisite installation and we created 12 themes for it (1 theme for the main site, 1 theme for the admin panel and 10 themes for the sub-sites). The theme for the admin panel is done as a plugin: 1. Start Page - the blog statistics (number of pages, posts and comments) 2. Profile Page - here a user can upload avatar, change the password and add more users to have access to the admin panel. 3. Options - here you can upload your logo, add/remove music and set the pages where you'd like it to play. 4. Comments - here you can edit comments. 5. The pages Home, Wedding Day, More Events, Blog, Our_Story, Guestbook, Contact are available for editing by means of TinyMCE editor. 6. Gallery - a list of galleries added to the site. A user can add/edit/remove any existing gallery here. 7. On the page of adding media content users can upload new files (audio, video, images) or choose them from the list of the existing ones.

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