Link https://mynutritionadvisor.com/
The client asked us to create web design for his website since the designer he worked with previously became busy. He sent 3 pages to us so we could consider the general style of his new website and create other pages. We were up to created new presence of his brand in the web to attract new clients. Fresh up the whole brand. We couldn't even imagine then how interesting and fruitful this collaboration turns out to be. We created design for all the pages as well as adjusted the initial pages for a bit. We did our best to reflect the client's idea in page design and developed great interface together. We created banners and unique icon set to highlight uniqueness of his site, searched for great images to be used as background and in page design. The website contains a lot of important information so we created print version of each page to allow users have well-organized attractive webpage printed in one click.
Keeping the same style we created business cards, booklets, brochures and other promotional materials that would help to push the brand forward.
Taking into account that social media plays a great role in our life we also designed images to be used in Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts.
We enjoyed every moment of our collaboration and proud of being part of this.

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