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The client's taks was as follows: 1) Login and registration in a pop-up window like on etsy.com, and login via socual networks in this pop-up window. 2) Customize Woocommerce Vendor Stores so that after logging in the vendor could appear on the page of their store. 3) Simplify the procedure of becoming a vendor of a common registered user. a) Functionality: - we customized Woocommerce Vendor Stores: deleted the necessity to fill out mail data so that a user could submit a request to become a vendor; - suggested an option to the client if it is necessary or unnecessary to confirm vendors manually; - added redirects to different roles of users to improve nevigation on the site and make it more user-friendly. b) Redesign: - we added the following menu items: register, enter by clicking on which there appears a popup menu with the tabs "enter" or "register via social networks".

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