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Oackliff is a non-profit training center dedicated to raising the level of sailors and sailing in the United States. The main task of the project was to stylize the displaying of the elements of the main menu/submenu and transfer the part of the content from the old website to the new one: - the position and the width of all child elements of the drop down were fixed; - the width of the elements of the submenu was fixed; - the links were added to "Photos" and "Videos"; - all users form the old website were moved to the new one (all their rights and accesses are saved); - the images and the content for each author were moved; the images were not displayed in the posts on the old website because of the incorrectly specified path - this error was fixed; - the category "Offshore Team Blog" for the posts was created; - the template "Blog Template Offshore Team" (where all transferred posts are displaying now) was created to display the category "Offshore Team Blog" according to the path "Student Programs->Offshore Team->Offshore Team Blog" ; - the posts of the category "Today at Oakcliff" are displaying now on http://www.oakcliffsailing.org/blog (the existing template was edited) according to the client`s request; - the alignment is set up for paragraphs; - the position of images was fixed in some posts.

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