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Date of completion: December 11, 2012 Description: The task of the project is to make changes and add additional features to a custom WordPress plugin. We should change WordPress widget "uber-optin" in such way that a user could write the styles for the output of the widget on the page (font size, colour, gradient, font styles, margins etc.), and the shortcode should not include any styles and it should as short as possible. We customized the plugin in the following way: - colorpicker is used to select the colours and jquery ui is used to select gradient; - the saving of features of a certain shortcode in the data base was implemented; - the option to check and delete unnecessary shortcode from the data base using Cron was implemented. The access to the plugin https://bestwebsoft.com/demo/jz/uber_optin is through the login and password. If you are interested please contact us.

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