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The task was analysis of the existing WordPress blog and providing detailed plan and recommendations for further optimization. We have found that the website looks really bad and that is why our professional expert has done a lot of work, including planning budget for SEO/SEM campaigns and additional actions.

1. We used keywords from such services as semrush, WordTracker, and then on the basis of the chosen keywords we found associative keywords within databases. 

2. Alt Tag Optimization: 
We used ALT Tag for low-frequency keywords within the pages manually (where it was necessary) as well as SEO Friendly Images plugin for WordPress.  

Anchor Text Optimization: 
In order to provide the highest quality results we do it manually. Anchor depends on the place where the link is located (within promoted website or on a donor-website) and on the low-frequency, middle-frequency, high-frequency of the key words, as well as competitiveness of the keyword in anchor. 

We use the ways of filling the anchor that depend on the conditions and methods of promotion. They are as follows: 
- Keywords
- Keywords with the environment
- Keywords with dilution 
- Text which is not related to the keyword 

3. Google (XML) Sitemaps - plugin automatically creates an XML map of your website and pings it in different services. 
SEO Friendly Images - pictures tags optimization (alt, title).
All in One SEO Pack - optimization  of the Title, Description, Keywords, Home Title, Use noindex optimization and deeper configuration of the features.
Cross-Linker - plugin for domestic relinking: given words are automatically replaced with the right links words, flexible configuration. 
Related Posts - displays links to "similar posts". The plugin is very useful for both people and search engines, because it performs additional relinking on posts within the blog. 
Cross-Linker, Related Posts - plugins for internal relinking, but they do not perform it qualitatively as for SEO, so at the moment work is underway to create a new private plugin which will do the smart internals relinks for given positions and keywords, based on parameters of pages rank  (PR, backlink, etc.) to promote website upon HF. 
Search Meter - shows what information users are looking at your blog, and sometimes it can be used for analysis 
Wp Super Cache - this plugin generates static html files from dynamic pages of your blog. The advantage of the plugin that it speeds up your blog and reduces the load on the site, and site will be accessible for users and search bots, even if the database is broken, its generated copy will be available in html.

All communication was performed through a Project Manager.

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