Beyond – Multi-purpose HTML Template

The best solution for blog and magazines websites. Make it possible for your users to easily find the content they are looking for.


Best Multipurpose HTML Template

Beyond is a multi-purpose HTML template which is specially designed for magazines and blog websites. If you would like to have an organized structure with a large amount of data such as news, blog, magazine, then Beyond is the best choice for you.

Users will be happy to browse a Beyond-based website with its up-to-date and clean design. The release also includes original PSD files. This is a 960px fixed-width theme. HTML structure meets the structure of standard WordPress themes and uses WP CSS classes. It contains styles using standard WordPress elements and widgets.

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  • 2 home page versions
  • PSD files included
  • Free icons used
  • WordPress ready
  • 960 grid system based


  • Home (minified)
  • Home (full)
  • About
  • Category
  • Post / single
  • Contact us


  1. Beyond – Multipurpose PSD Template created by BestWebSoft
  2. jQuery
  3. Cooper font by Oswald Bruce Cooper
  4. PT Sans font by Alexandra Korolkova
  5. Twitter like
  6. Facebook share
  7. Free Pictures
  8. Icons created by Julian Leiss


How do I install it and use Beyond on my WordPress site?
It is NOT a WordPress theme. It is a static HTML template, that is a structure with styled elements. This template does not have a PHP backend, that is there is no admin panel in it, since it does not have PHP functions and does not use the database to store data. It can be considered an HTML framework (like Bootstrap, but themed).
Where can I find the installation guide?
The installation guide is not available. It is an HTML version, that includes static pages. It is not a WordPress theme.
To install such template to your hosting server you need to upload the template files using the FTP Manager. You can use your hosting control panel file manager or some third party FTP manager like FileZilla.
Can I translate this template into another language?
Yes, you can translate the content of the HTML files into another language. To do that you will need an HTML files editor, for example, Sublime Text. Please pay attention that it is a static HTML template, but not a WordPress theme.
What database system is this template using?
This is an HTML5 template. It does not feature any functionality for working with the database. All this functionality is available in the WordPress CMS theme only. If the WordPress version is already created you can find it on our official Themeforest profile page. You can also follow us on Twitter to get instant updates about future releases.
How much time will it take to change the language entirely?
It is an HTML template, it doesn’t include the functionality to change languages automatically. In order to change the language it is necessary to replace the existing content/menu items with the content/menu items in the necessary language, or copy this template and edit the content/menu items (in such a case you will get two templates in different languages).
When will the WordPress version be ready
The theme will be ready when our developer completes creating all the necessary functionality and makes sure that the theme does nor have any drastic bugs. As soon as it is ready, we will send the theme to Themeforest. Please follow our updates on Twitter.