This plugin updates your WordPress and the plugins to the recent versions. It also has auto or manual mode for updating and allows you to make a backup before updating. Also, you can set email notifications before and after update. If needed, Updater Pro can even disable auto WP core update. It is all in one click!


DescriptionUpdater Updater Pro
Update your plugins and WordPress core

Choose the plugin mode and its periodicity

Send email notification when new versions are available

Send email notification after update

Add email notification

Sending test email

Make a backup before updating

Forbid some plugins or WordPress Core update

Disable auto WP core update

Detailed User Guide and FAQs

The answer to the question from support within one business day (More info)

User guide

  1. After downloading and activating the plugin 'Updater Pro', You should go to the Updater Pro page in the 'BWS Plugins' menu. The plugin has four pages: Tools, Settings, User Guide and FAQ (with images). The plugin settings are available on the Settings Page.
  2. On the Settings Page You can choose the plugin mode and set email notifications. If You would like to get email notifications, You can check their sending at the bottom of the page. This way You will see if mailing is not set up properly or emails getting marked as spam.
  3. You can also turn on/off the backup option before updating. We strongly recommend You to turn it on! If you turn it on, You can choose 'Backup all folders' and 'Backup all tables in database'. By default the plugin makes a backup of the database tables that have a special WordPress prefix, as a rule this prefix is 'wp_' (all default WordPress tables have such prefix). So if You have some personal tables without this prefix by default, the plugin won't backup them. Moreover, by default the plugin makes backup copies of only WordPress folders (wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes) in the root directory, that is why if You really have some personal folders in the root directory and would like to backup them, You should use the option 'Backup all folders'. Please note that if You specify another names for WordPress folders (wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes) in the file 'wp-settings.php', the plugin will use them instead of the default ones. If You have any doubts and not sure whether to check these two fields or not, You'd better check them off, but note that it may increase the backup size. Also, You can make a backup by clicking 'Create a test backup'. If You see the message informing that it could not be performed, this means that there is not enough disk space on the server or no permissions for the plugin directory.
  4. If You would like to update your plugins or WordPress core in the manual mode You should go to the page 'Updater Pro | Tools'. If WordPress or some of Your plugins require update they are highlighted in red. Also You can forbid plugins or WordPress Core update. For this You should click the icon next to them and click 'Save & Update' for saving settings. Check off what You want to update and click 'Save & Update'. Wait until all results show up.


* Russian (ru_RU)

* Serbian (sr_RS) (thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic)

* Ukrainian (uk)

If you would like to create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files for BestWebSoft and we'll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.

Technical support

Dear users, our plugins are available for free download. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the functionality of our plugins (existing options, new options, current issues), please feel free to contact us. Please note that we accept requests in English only. All messages in another languages won't be accepted. If you notice any bugs in the plugins, you can notify us about it and we'll investigate and fix the issue then. Your request should contain URL of the website, issues description and WordPress admin panel credentials. Moreover we can customize the plugin according to your requirements. It's a paid service (as a rule it costs $40, but the price can vary depending on the amount of the necessary changes and their complexity). Please note that we could also include this or that feature (developed for you) in the next release and share with the other users then. We can fix some things for free for the users who provide translation of our plugin into their native language (this should be a new translation of a certain plugin, you can check available translations on the official plugin page).

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  1. so i see the price for Updater Pro is $9.95 – how many of my sites can i use it on?

    • Dear John,

      As it is stated in our license agreement, “One plugin can be installed on one single domain and its subdomains.”


  2. Also fangen die uns hier auch schon an Abzuzocken . Das wird immer schlimmer und für jede Erweiterung muss man zahlen und dann nur für ein halbes Jahr und für jede Domain wollen Sie wieder Geld haben. Was für eine Abzocke ich schmeiße das ganz raus und verzichte darauf mir reicht Wordfence Security. Zudem kann man nichts mehr Installieren und bekommt nur Fehlermeldungen. Mir reicht das jetzt schon und dann das ganze nur auf Englisch keine anderen Sprachen und somit für viele nicht mehr verständlich. ich bin jetzt schon bedient von sowas. Reine Abzocke

    • Hi Andreas,

      We provide customer support only in English.


  3. Jane Barnes said:

    Beware the recurring billing! I am rather upset folks as it was not so obvious when I signed up and I have now cancelled it after being billed after a 6 month period for ‘updates and support’. That sucks and should be on the actual top of the details page. Being naive, I did not expect that or search for it in the wording. Recurring billing ought be banned unless people have the decency to send an auto-responder message warning it is going to happen just prior to taking money – one company I deal with does do this – and so I am happy to keep dealing with them due to the honest way they operate.

    • Hi Jane,

      On the plugin purchase page we announce that “For your convenience the product bills SEMI-ANNUALLY.
      In case of payment renewing you will be granted FURTHER access to TOP-PRIORITY support and updates for the next 6 months.
      The payment may be cancelled any time. In case of payment cancellation you will be granted LIFETIME RIGHTS to use the product WITHOUT TOP-PRIORITY support or updates. Support will be provided on a regular basis.”


  4. Hello, i installed updater, but WP made nevertheless an auto core update although i have set updates to manual mode. What goes wrong?
    greetings, N.

    • Hi Nanni,

      Automatic WP Core updating is a standard WP functionality. Currently we are working on the functionality providing the opportunity to block it.