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One day you may find out that the functionality of your WordPress site fits perfectly to the current market situation in the mobile applications niche. So, it can be a decent idea to convert your website into a mobile app and conquer a new sphere of interest.

Your future application can be based on such platforms as Android, iOS or even cover both of them at the same time. It’s all up to you, but, firstly, you need to transform your site into an app. The main goal of this article is to share 5 great plugins with you that could help with this conversion.

AppPresser is a popular decision that can be used to operate your website as a mobile app. You can build your own Android/iOS app based on WordPress functionality. The plugin grants the full customization of the future app, including the color scheme, the ability to add a custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and tune side or tab menu. Live application preview will help to notice every change in the fastest possible way.

One of the AppPresser’s greatest features is a convenient WordPress integration. Some plugins with similar functionality don’t allow you to use all WordPress features in a mobile app. They can block the use of custom plugins, posts, pages, payments, etc. This plugin is another matter. AppPresser provides a full integration with WordPress to use all its elements in the converted app.

AndroApp is about creating an elegant and profitable application. The tool can be used to convert the website into both Android and iOS apps. One of the AndroApp’s features is an unlimited push-notifications. Such type of informing is a way faster than the standard e-mail announcements.

Another aspect is the ability to monetize your application. You can use Admob and Appnext ad units to collect some revenue from the app. The developer can use such advertisement instances as top, bottom, listview and interstitial banners. The finished application is totally white-labeled. No references to AndroApp are required.

MobiLoud represents a highly efficient tool for native mobile application development. The plugin performs a high level of integration with WordPress, the content of your website and third-party plugins.

One of the key attributes of MobiLoud is a decent amount of advertising and analytics solutions. The clue is that the plugin is designed for really high traffic sites. It is constructed to withstand tense load from websites and mobile applications. It is guaranteed to work on all modern platforms and devices.

Thus, MobiLoud represents a comfortable advanced HTML/CSS/PHP editor to customize page screen, fields, etc. in the most efficient way. All those factors allow the plugin to become a tool for creating a profitable, efficient and optimized mobile application.

WPMobileApp plugin meets the goal of creating the Android and iPhone or iPad native mobile application of a WordPress website. The plugin helps to create a white-labeled app with great compatibility. The resulted app covers the majority of smartphone devices because it requires Android 4.1 and iOS 8 to run. Also, it fits all modern screen sizes and resolutions. The plugin implements such a handy feature as offline browsing. Users can save the website’s content and display it at any time even without internet connection.

WiziApp is a premium decision for creating a native Android & iOS applications. This plugin has no restrictions on the monetization, users, page view, push notifications. You can use one of the 7 WiziApp’s mobile dedicated themes or your own responsive theme for the application.

Great monetization grants the possibility to implement native ads that aren’t affected by the Ads blocking modules. Google Analytics would help you to analyze the WebApp stats with extended analytics, statistics, and tips.

There are various plugins with the ability to convert WordPress website into a mobile application. Some of them are multifunctional tools, some of them are not. To make the right choice of such a plugin is a great way to extend the market share of your website to a mobile niche. Use the highlighted tools to convert the site into a marvelous, functional, and popular application.

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