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Advertising drives sales! It is a fact. Ads are great for your business if you have an awesome content. Ads bring more conversions and sales. If it is not a part of your marketing strategy yet – you should think about make it so.

There are a lot of ways to advertise the content: paid content promotion, smm, bookmarketing sites, outreach, etc. It is your decision what to choose. However, you should remember that any promotion needs to be really thought over.

In this article we will take a look at useful tips which will help you to build a successful strategy.

Choose the content wisely

Don’t try to offer promotional content. The content must be useful, valuable, informative, it should attract your potential customers. Present it as articles, videos, infographics, make it interesting for your target users. Outline recommendations:

  • Brand it and use recognizable elements like your logo, color scheme, something that makes it stand out.
  • Create a stunning headline with target words.
  • Include strong call to action with clickable URL.

Use Social Networks

First of all, choose a right network. Your highly technical article can be really good, but this doesn’t mean it will be appreciated on Facebook. Secondly, find your target audience. No matter how good your cheese is if you offer it to people with lactose intolerance. You can request a paid network promotion which is a great way to reach your audience.

Analyze & Iterate

Master of information, master of situation. Take advantage of useful tools (like Google Analytics) to track the results of your actions. Gathering statistics helps you to understand your audience and its preferences better. Understanding your audience gives you an awareness of what should be improved, you see your weak spots and are able to kill them.


Some people think that it is necessary to spend as much time to advertise the content as you do create it. That makes sense. Don’t wait too long, create own marketing strategy and start attracting Your audience today!

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