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When you create a WordPress entry, you need to submit your content more organized than paragraphs and lists. When you use a lot of structured information, it’s better to present it in a more visually convenient table format.

Tables are effective for demonstrating various types of different information: timetables, competition results, comparative characteristics. When readers view the post, they stop at the table and try to understand the main idea. Tables are not native to WordPress, but this article will show the best WordPress plugins, both free and premium.


One of the most popular free WordPress plugins (include paid functions). Without unnecessary difficulties, you can create beautiful tables and embed them in text and pages using shortcodes. You can import and export data in the formats Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON.

Ninja Tables

Unlike TablePress, Ninja Tables allows you to create custom tables right in your post or page. You have the ability to include media in your tables, change the color theme and customize table styles with one click. Tables quickly load and respond to the actions of your visitor – these factors make your site more user-friendly. Ninja tables are free, but they have a Pro-supplement with lifetime updates


If you have a finished spreadsheet in Excel, CSV, JASON or XML, you can upload it to your WordPress site. The plugin will take care of sorting the data in the table. It also supports several columns of data, such as images, time and others. There are free/premium versions.

Ultimate Tables

This is a universal free plugin that allows you to create flexible tables. You can make a choice from three variants of table constructions or create them from scratch, using the built-in table designer. You can include HTML code in each cell to format the content.

Advanced Tables

If you want to edit the tables in the same way as in Excel, the Advanced Tables plugin is for you. For $20 you can create all kinds of tables for inclusion in any post or page through shortcodes. Main advantages: large selection of more than 20+ design options for tables; It is possible to copy and paste data into the Excel editor plugin; the ability to create floating table headers.

We recommend testing free plugins – to understand their functions and capabilities. If your tasks are not solved with free versions, go to the premium, which will significantly expand your capabilities.

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