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Our company is on guard for the user’s demand for more than 10 years. We always try to do our best to create the most exciting plugins, websites, and WordPress themes. But every horizon must be expanded. We thought of new ways, new styles, and brand new development brunch for our team a lot.

So, we are glad to present to you – BestWebSoft Mobile. Our mobile development team is a fully professional team that has marvelous experience in the mobile development field. Let us present to you our beloved and fully functional android applications that are aimed to solve the problems you might have had. 

Beauty Manager – the Very Best Solution for Beauty Business

Beauty Manager – is a great schedule and appointment planning application for the persons, who run their own beauty business. Created in the color of pink and white to give some association with youth and space, that can give us only pleasant emotions. 

Beauty Manager Application is aimed to help beauty specialists to organize all the appointments in one place with a simple booking calendar to avoid the pains that can bring us time planning. 

The benefits of usage appear in automatic pricing. It means that the price for every service must be set, and then you must not think about the price you should name the client.  

The smart slots option allows setting the best time range for every appointment, based on the time you need to fulfill the service and the already existing appointments. 

The “Wallet” option will help you track your incomes and outcomes in an easy way on the go and not to miss the important details.

Learn More – Beauty Manager Application by BestWebSoft

Patient Manager – Track Your Patients in a Convenient Way

If “an apple a day – keep a doctor away” is not for your health business – then the Patient Manager mobile application is for you. 

The opportunity to remove all the paper patients’ books and keep all records in one place can make the work routine easier and even faster. 

With the brand new mobile application of BestWebSoft, the doctor can keep tracking his patients and manage the visits on the concrete person just in one click. 

Designed in calm and pleasant colors the app gives us a strong association with doctors and responsibility. 

The other thing is the ability to store and view the healing progress of each patient. 

Not to miss the appointment has never been as simple as it would be with a Patient Manager App. The automatic reminder will inform you about all further scheduled appointments in advance.

The problem with the perfect time choosing will be simply solved with the smart appointment-time suggestion based on service duration and selected time range.

Learn More – Patient Manager Application by BestWebSoft

ToDo Geo  – New Approach in Planning 

The way you plan – the way you think.  A modern person is always on the run and must plan not only time but places. The situation, when you must visit a lot of places in a short period of time is not new for us. So we glad to introduce the ToDo Geo Mobile Application Design. 

The app is designed to make the app intuitive and easy-to-use allowing single users or teams of users to stay organized and co-operate on projects, send messages and get the reactions of your team from the beginning to the end of the project. The application functionality will be based on a map view, so the user can mark the necessary place on a map for each action – then create the optimal path to fulfill all the tasks in time.

With ToDo Geo be sure all your tasks will be completed in time!

Keep in touch with us to be informed about the time of release oh this magnificent planning and managing tool.

Learn More – ToDo Geo Application Design by BestWebSoft

Car Service Manager – Manage Your Service in Simple Application

The best solution for a car repairman to set up and organize the work of a car service business.

Car Service Manager application is a simple solution for those who want to track all consumer’s info and details in one place. Create new appointments and see info about the previous ones. 

Set the time for each client visit based on the service he wants with the help of smart time slots, that will suggest the perfect time depending on your working hours and already existing appointments. 

The financial tracking function will help to manage all the financial questions such as income and outcomes just in a few clicks.

The intuitive design of an app will make the work with it simple and easy. So, have no doubts that you will get the most with the least efforts. An automatic reminder will stand on guard of your appointment to come in time.

Learn More – Car Service Manager Application by BestWebSoft

Renty – Start Your Rental Business in a Minute

Have you ever wanted to run your business via smartphone? Now – you have it. With Renty Mobile Application you can easily convert your WordPress website into a modern and functional mobile app.

Manage or add a wide range of cars, manufacturers, vehicle types, or car classes direct from your smartphone. The other thing is the management of car info such as car location, the price per hour, agency, and all the important data that you may need in your rental deals. 

What is more, you have an opportunity to manage orders and adjust price options between daily and seasonal prices quickly. 

Renty Application is for those who want to manage all without the necessity of finding computers.

Learn More – Renty Application by BestWebSoft

BWS Panel – Awesome Website Administration Application

Meet the BWS Panel Application Design the application that is aimed to help you administer plugins by BestWebSoft direct from your mobile phone. The perfect solution for those who want his website to work correctly all the time.

Manage your plugins easily via phone, see the number of visitors or the number of incorrect login attempts, go for the detailed statistics of every page – simply all you might have liked to see in your WordPress website plugins. Update or deactivate selected plugins, or even change the settings if you need it. The other thing is an opportunity to check the system status from the middle of nowhere. The design is intuitive and clear, gives you an opportunity to breathe and not to be surrounded by blocks of elements.

Be sure, you will not miss this excellent app – we will inform you about the release.

Learn More – BWS Panel Application Design by BestWebSoft


We do our best to give you the most with our plugins, from this time we are ready to do it for you even in the mobile branch. 

Developing a mobile application is not only a code creation but also a work with user experience, design, and testing. Our team of the most experienced specialists in those fields works hard to stay on the bleeding edge of development and give our customers the best we can. 

Good luck and best wishes!

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