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BWS Panel is a list of plugins and themes developed by BestWebSoft located in the WordPress admin Dashboard.

BestWebSoft WordPress Admin Dashboard

Since 2012 BWS panel was used for quick access, browse and installation of the BestWebSoft plugins. It was located under the Settings tab. Then in the latest update, it was mistakenly moved to the top of the menu. After that, we’ve got a lot of requests from our users who don’t need the panel there. This change caused a resonance in the community.

We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.
– Bill Gates


We decided to move it back with respect to all people who use WordPress. Of course, as a lot of companies today we are trying to promote our products and services using all available ways, but sometimes this can be annoying for people. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. This is the top priority for us and we’re doing our best to make our users happy.

What’s Next?

Currently, our team is making minor improvements in our website design, Pro Membership subscription, product documentation, and UX. Change is coming and you can become a part of it!

Our team will continue to work hard and we are looking forward to your concern. We’re always looking for people who can help to make our products better. If you want to get involved in WordPress, just go for it!

Help us to build great products for millions of people like you. Share your feedback with us!

BestWebSoft Team

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