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As you may already know, there are different ways of nurturing the leads for your business. Do you want to learn the ins and outs of one of them in the next 15 minutes? So, once you decided that your company does need a newsletter, go ahead and master these hints for creating a killer newsletter. It will be extremely helpful and instructive for the majority of business owners.

Choose the right send time

A newsletter is probably the most tactful and unpressing form of reaching your customers for promoting your brand on the Internet. The subscribers are not pulled away from their daily affairs like in case with a phone call, for instance. They are free to read your message whenever they have a desire or some spare time.

Take this into account and plan the timing for newsletter sending accordingly. When selecting a time for newsletter sending, imagine what your audience is going to do at the time they receive emails. Will they be drinking their morning coffee? Or be in the middle of doing their work routine?

For your convenience, install Sender plugin. This is a handy tool for setting the time interval for mail sending, as well as configuring the mailing priority, using the pre-built email templates and so on.

Think about the final result of your newsletter. What do you need people to do? Read a lengthy article or just take part in a survey? Readers on their way to work are unlikely to study a very long material when they are in a hurry or short on time.

Make your subject line catchy and creative

When it comes to the subject line use all your creativity and make it so intriguing and fascinating that people want to click on it. If you didn’t manage to succeed in this, all of your other tricks won’t have any sense.

Just making people open an email can be a challenge. Think how many times have you deleted an email without even opening it? Make your subject lines benefit-driven and human-oriented. Promise benefit or useful information. You can use power words and phrases such as ‘how-to’, ‘tips and secrets’, ‘guide’ and ‘did you know’. Include true numbers and figures. If possible, provide CTA (call-to-action) in the subject line. And don’t even think to use keywords and excessive capitals in the subject line. Be careful! Such things are widely associated with spam. Give the readers a good reason to open a letter in their email. Use just a few words to get people interested and meet their expectations afterwards.

Create unique and meaningful content

Show some respect to your readers. Always remember that they spend their time reading your content and if it turns out to be useless or irrelevant, your company’s newsletters will be flagged as spam and you won’t get another chance. Thus, when creating educational stuff, think logically and analyze what most of your subscribers are interested in so that they don’t feel led astray reading your articles.

Be absolutely positive that poorly written copy will turn off the readers and as a result, your credibility and trust with the subscribers can be damaged. If you’re not good at writing a great copy and don’t have any skills, there is an opportunity to outsource a professional who perfectly knows the subject.

Include full company name

There is a saying that we never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Take it as a basis and try your best to create the image of the reliable source. Make sure you don’t cause any alarm bells ringing in the spam filter.

Remember that person getting an email should understand who is the addressant and see the full company name. Be transparent and try not to look suspicious. Also, it is preferable to use easily identifiable email address with your company domain name (if you have one). This is called to help you avoid looking dubious sender.

Take a branded approach

Taking a sustainable and branded approach towards digital marketing ensures that your newsletter will not be blocked by the recipient and manage to pass through the spam filter.

One of the main aims of the email marketing is to keep your subscribers aware of your brand. Use your company’s brand colors and unique written tone. Create a recognizable style of your newsletter, invent your own special features. Be original and let people know about you! You should imprint a positive company image with individual and memorable brand. Besides, it will be quite reasonable to include your company logo in the header of the newsletter because people are more likely to remember the logo than the company name.

Keep your content simple and focused

Note that few customers will read 500-words e-newsletter no matter what the quality is. So, be concise and use plain and simple words. People tend to read only those letters that look like a live speech of a person and not like excerpts from the encyclopedia. Try to create more personalized text to be sent to the subscriber. If possible, address your subscription by name of the recipient.

Balance your educational and promotional content

The main thing here is not to be overly promotional. It is a rule that your content should be 90% educational and only 10% promotional. The pursuit of profit in business and return on investment (ROI) makes it very simple to forget about this simple advice. Just go easy with the sales content. If you push it too much, some of the readers can neglect further emails, even unsubscribe or your ‘special offers’ will begin to lose their value and speciality. None of these consequences are wanted, right?

More than likely, the subscribers don’t want to hear about the products and services every single day. Think less of self-promotion and better aim at providing your subscribers with timely, relevant and day-to-day information. It will greatly increase your chances in creating worthy newsletters that people actually read.

Place important information above the fold

You succeeded! Your recipient has opened an email. Now what? Give it your best shot to keep them on the page. How can you do it? Remember that attention spans are short, so place the crucial data in the header your newsletter. You can start with event or service you want to draw attention to. The branded banner image can also make a great start.

Don’t forget to support them with one clear call-to-action. It should be seen on any device without the need to scroll down. Also, avoid presenting it an image. Make sure it is seen to every single subscriber.

Your promises given in the subject lines mainly should meet to header content. This is your opportunity to develop the topic mentioned in the subject line and provide it with the details.

Keep simple and mobile-friendly design

It is well understood that most people use their smartphones to check the emails. Thus, now the support of responsive design has become an obligatory condition. Single column template looks best on a small screen, preferably one with a width of 600 pixels. The best looking large font size is 14 or 16. Don’t use complicated navigational features.

Invest in design which is easy to read on most browsers and devices. Check out also how your content looks on the small screen. It should be scannable, having enough subheadings, bulleted lists, headers and short sentences breaking up the text that make it better readable. If you use images in your newsletter, place them lower in the newsletter as they don’t always load quickly.

Test your newsletter

Though, misspellings can be forgiven, poor spelling and grammatical errors look awful. That will give your subscribers an impression that your business is insignificant and unsuccessful.

Be prepared to proofread your content several times to get rid of any kind of spelling and grammar issues. Moreover, broken links have no place in your newsletter. Double check and make sure that every link in the email works correctly.

Promote engagement with your readers

It is absolutely beneficial for the newsletter campaign to host giveaways or offer holidays discounts! Prepare something extra for your readers. It will help keep them coming back and revive interest.

Another good idea is to carry out the survey. Ask questions in the newsletter. Why not? Anything to encourage the communication! There is a double benefit there, you get the feedback meanwhile audience activity raises. What is more, you can always measure click-through rate, or CTR, and see if your newsletters are actually working or you are just wasting your time playing a zero-sum game.

Don’t flood your subscribers’ inboxes

Getting specific about the content and frequency of mailout will help you gain more active and interested subscribers. Inform your potential readers what exactly will be in the newsletter and how often they are supposed to hear from you. Place that information on the subscribe landing page.

Don’t send newsletter too often. It can be annoying for the readers when the companies send several letters per day. Avoid becoming too obtrusive.

Make it easy for readers to unsubscribe

The footer is used to provide the company contact details as well as for social sharing for dissemination reasons.

Also, according to international legal requirements, an unsubscribe link should be placed in the footer of every e-newsletter. Any law-abiding organization who want to save good reputation have to follow this standard.


Congrats! Now you are provided with all practical recommendations for making your e-newsletter worthy!

However, only producing viral headlines or interesting marketing or educational materials is not a guarantee that your newsletter campaign will have a positive effect on your business sales performance. You should follow all these pieces of advice to make it all work together like well-oiled machine. That will hugely increase your prospects to have higher returns on investment.

Follow these simple but beneficial tips and start creating newsletters as effective and professional as possible!

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