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Repeatable cache clearing helps to keep your website clear and cosy. Cache allows you to speed up the process of page loading, skip the heavier PHP scripts, improve performance, but it also has some pitfalls. You make some changes to your site, but they just don’t happen. It can be inconvenient and awkward if you don’t know what the source of the issue is.

Actually, it’s quite a common problem that can occur if you don’t clear the cache of your WordPress website. This article will cover 3 easy solutions to clear the WordPress cache like a pro.

1. Clear your browser cache

It’s not actually about WordPress but can also prevent some unpleasant experience. Sometimes browsers are just unable to realize that the site’s content has changed. It’s always better to make sure that the browser won’t cause any issues in displaying the website’s content. Clearing web-browser’s cache doesn’t last that long, so perform this step first.

2. Use caching plugin

WordPress provides tools that can handle the process of clearing the WordPress’ cache. It is usually a simple lightweight plugin with one-click ability to clear the stored cache data. The most popular plugins for this purpose are WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Fastest Cache. All three of them have similar functionality and help to prevent any issues caused by outdated cache data in just one click.

WP Super Cache is the most popular plugin with more than 2 million active installations. This plugin provides the ability not to cache pages for known users, compress pages, cache rebuild, etc.

W3 Total Cache is well-known for its convenience and variety of settings. «Instant» repeat page views. It helps to optimize search engine, web server performance, and progressive render. Keep calm and improve the website’s performance.

WP Fastest Cache grants the ability to generate a static HTML file. That action allows users to reach only the generated static page to decrease the resources usage and speed up the process of page rendering. WP Fastest Cache is about easy setup, usability, and noticeable effect. What can be better?

3. Use WPEngine’s services

WPEngine is a managed WordPress hosting provider. It provides its own solutions for cache handling. Those methods help you to avoid the necessity of using WordPress caching plugins. If you can’t notice the changes you have made, it can be a great decision to clear WPEngine cache. It’s a pretty easy solution to possible issues. Click the WPEngine menu item in the admin bar, press «Purge All Caches» button and enjoy. The hosting provider will handle all the work and purge all the stored cache. That may solve the problem with the content update.

Sometimes cache can cause really strange issues. The inability to visually see the changes in the website’s content will result in the problems during website developing, testing, updating or maintaining and dramatically decrease the productivity. Do not forget to clear your WordPress cache. This simple, usually one-click task will save you a lot of time.

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