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The term “four factors” has become a symbolic phrase for most basketball fans. It attracts their attention immediately. If you are a professional publisher or web developer who makes business online, the mentioned term should grasp your attention as well. If you are not a basketball fan, it may be surprising for you to find out that the Four Factors can also  be  applied to your online business within WordPress.


Thus, let us take a look at those four important factors that determine a good website.

They are:

  1. Design & Content
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Relationships
  4. Monetization

Starting an online  business is impossible without each of those factors. Let us discuss them in detail.

Design & Content

If you are offering a low quality website and your message is not worth being spreaded, you will not create strong online business.

Your message should include two elements:

  • What are you presenting
  • How are you presenting it

To be shorter: design and content.

You may ask why design and content are united into one factor. Because design is content and content is design. They are inseparable. They are actually the same. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Timeline are forcing IT industry to use more and more visual effects. ‘Show, don’t tell’ is a key phrase of all mobile devices. That is why it is highly important to understand the overall picture, and develop your website infrastructure.

Of course, it can be daunting to manage graphic artists, editorial calendars, designers, writers and the rest of the elements of strong design and content. However, it will guarantee great results.


There is a common nightmare that is familiar to many web businessmen. It is sad when your site suddenly crashes while you are working hard to create unique and beautifully presented content. Such things happen quite often. Sad but true. They haunt the majority of unexperienced online businessmen and conductors.

The main reason which causes the issue is poor infrastructure. What can be worth when instead of a web page your customer sees a number like 404, 502 or the white screen of death? If you force your audience to wait for a website to load, it is definitely not a good idea. Nobody likes to wait! That is why, it is necessary to use premium WordPress hostings. Actually, any web business demands some monetary investments. However, it is justified. In order to get something, you should make some investment first. If you disagree, then you probably will not succeed in business.


Whether online or offline, relationships is probably the most ignored, underappreciated and overlooked element of success in business. If you don’t have relationships with potential customers, your chances to conduct a winning web business online is minimal. Even if you have outstanding content and a fantastic infrastructure capable of handling thousands of users. For all smart people, relationships is a Pillar #1 in the Internet Marketing. Relationships are not just important. Relationships are the key element!

You may have thought content was a key element, but it isn`t. Imagine what is content without relationships? It is like a king without a kingdom. To build your kingdom, you need to build relationships, and when it comes to it, there is ultimately no substitute. Firstly, make your content noticeable and well-designed, as it was discussed above. Secondly, you should monetize your content as soon as people have seen it. It is the next part which we are going to speak below.


It is another important factor. After you made serious effort in building email marketing assets and content marketing, it is time to pay your attention to monetization.

If you are managing a large corporate website that is internally focused on custom configuration needs, you will have to focus on finding the right provider who knows how to do it correctly. This is the moment the four factors for conducting a winning business online make full circle.

To start earning money online, you should have an adequate infrastructure that will serve for promotion of your well-designed content. Your monetization strategy cannot be efficiently executed without the following:

  • Fast response time
  • Reliable uptime
  • Security of your website
  • Another professional resources which aim to help you on the way

Making successful business online means remembering that content is design, and infrastructure means monetization. Whether you need to solve a specific issue, or want to save you time in one area to devote it to another, a managed hosting provider will help you do it more effectively.

To summarize, any online business always comes back to four factors mentioned above, and their proper usage will determine your success in the end.

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