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If you start running your own website, it is necessary to think about how to drive traffic to it. Use the following strategies in order to bring new visitors and keep the existing ones engaged with the content.

Create a Subscribers List

There is no guarantee that users who visit your site at the first time will come back later. Let them subscribe to your news, start creating an email list. Email newsletters are an important source of traffic. This is the best way to reach users with your content, turn them into returning customers, and get higher conversions.

Make Sharing Available

It is not enough to create a great content, it is necessary to share it. Sharing via social media is another great way to promote your content and let people know about its existence. There are a lot of plugins which allows adding buttons to your website, you can select some here. Add social buttons to your posts and find an hour or two to spend on some social media platforms. Don’t forget to…

Reach Users on Social Media

If someone shares your article, say thank you. If you reach out those users and join to they discussions, you:

  • Reach your target audience;
  • Create connections with it;
  • Lead it to your subscribers list.

Get More Comments

Comments on your site let you interact with your visitors easily. You should respond to all the comments in order to show your users that it is important for you and you appreciate their attention. If you afraid of a spam, just add a Captcha to your comments form to prevent bots activity.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is the necessary thing since it helps search engines understand how your posts are related to each other, and accordingly, how important they are. Another advantage, you lead your users to other content on your blog/site where they can find more and more interesting.

Optimize the Speed

The faster your site is, the more it is preferred. Not only by users but by search engines too. So go easy on plugins you’d like to install, use only the necessary ones and select trusted providers.


Of course, you should analyze the activity on your site. Use Google Analytics to do so. Configure it, set the goals, and check the statistics once per month, for example. This will help you to monitor users activity, see what they like and what actually can be improved. Here you can find more info.

All these tips are easy for implementing but effective and can be done without spending a lot of time. Try some of them today and you’ll be surprised by the results!

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